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Manufacturers: Micropac

Optoelectronic components, electronic assemblies and multi-chip microelectronic modules

About Micropac

Micropac Industries, Inc. manufactures and distributes a range of hybrid microelectronic circuits, solid state relays, power controllers, and optoelectronic components and assemblies. The Company’s products are used as components in a range of military, space and industrial systems, including aircraft instrumentation and navigation systems, power supplies, electronic controls, computers, medical devices and high-temperature products. The Company’s core technology is the packaging and interconnecting of multi-chip microelectronics modules. Other technologies include light emitting, and light sensitive materials and products, including light emitting diodes (LEDs) and silicon phototransistors used in the Company’s optoelectronic components and assemblies. Its products are either custom (being application-specific circuits designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of a single customer) or standard components.



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