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2M805 Tri-Start Threaded coupling

2M805 Connectors offer the best EMI and Vibration performance among all the 2M connector series.


  • The series features a Tri-Start thread with 1 turn full mate coupling. An EMI ground strap and shell-to-shell bottoming provide superior EMI shielding.

  • Plugs and Receptacles are provided in two different styles to accommodate the attachment of backshell with rear accessory threads or with integral backshell.

  • The integral backshell allows for use of EMI shielding attachments and/or overmolding.

  • Contact termination styles include Crimp, PC Tail, and Solder Cup with others available upon request.

  • Custom and Filter configurations are available, please consult factory for ordering information.


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Amphenol 2M Catalogue


The 2M Micro38999 Connector Series product line is designed for interconnect applications requiring high performance and reduced size and weight. This smaller, high density, lightweight connector far exceeds the competition in quality and performance levels. The 2M Series is a superior and versatile connector designed and tested to mil-spec standards, comparable to MIL-DTL-38999. 2M is intermateable with Glenair’s Mighty Mouse the test results are available in the Technical Documents area.

Active Electronics plc are design partners for 2M Micro-38999 Connector Series.


2M805 Specifications

Current Rating: See Insert Arrangements CLICK HERE

DWV: See Insert Arrangements CLICK HERE

Insulation Resistance: 5000 megohms min.

Operating Temperature: -65°C to +150°C

Shock300 g’s

Random Vibration: 43.9 g’s

Sine Vibration: 60 g’s

Shielding Effectiveness: 65 dB min. from 100MHz to 1000MHz

Durability: 500 mating cycles

2M805 Features Included

  • Anti-Vibration Self locking Plugs

  • Tri-Start thread for 1 turn full mating

  • Superior EMI shielding

  • Sealed Receptacles:

    • Hermetic (1×10-7 cc/second)

    • Epoxy Backfilled (1×10-4 cc/second)

  • ROHS Compliant Plating

  • Insert Arrangements up to 130 contacts

2M801 Materials and Finishes

Shells: Aluminum Alloy or Stainless Steel

Contacts: Copper Alloy, gold plated

Insulators: Polphenylene Sulfide (PPS)

Contact Retention: Beryllium Copper Alloy

Grommet, Interfacial Seal, O-Ring: Fluorosilicone Rubber

CLICK HERE: 2M805 Plugs and Receptacles

2M805 Series of PC Board Receptacles are intended for use of terminating the connector directly to a Circuit Board or Flex assembly.  These connectors can also be supplied with solder cup termination for direct wire attachment.

2M805 Features Include:

  • Low profile shells for minimum box protrusion

  • Shell Standoffs for PC Board washout

  • Non-removable PC and/or Solder cup contacts

  • Environmental Sealing

CLICK HERE: 2M805 Hermetic Receptacles:

2M805 Series of Hermetic Receptacles provide superior sealing of 1×10-8 cc/second helium leak rate and are 100% tested prior to shipping. This superior sealing is accomplished through the use of glass insulator fused to stainless steel shells and iron alloy contacts.


  • Low profile shells for minimum box protrusion

  • Shell Standoffs for PC Board washout

  • Non-removable PC and/or Solder cup contacts

  • Hermetic Sealing

CLICK HERE: 2M805 Specials

Double-flange standoff receptacles, PCB header assemblies, Micro-miniature high speed solutions.