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Fiber Lab 750

The Fiber Lab 750 is a must-have solution for those seeking the perfect combination of flexibility and for short/medium range distances when using lengths of optical fibre for testing, latency, and demonstration applications.

Available with up to 165km* of any type of optical fibre from leading manufacturers, the FL 750 allows users to exactly simulate field networks, add specific time delays, while organizing and protecting the fibre in the most professional manner.

With system testing being a critical phase prior to the deployment of equipment into the field, you need a solution that is guaranteed to produce consistent, accurate results time after time. By consulting with the experienced team at Active Electronics, we will personally help you to build the most ideal configuration for your unique requirements.

With many of the most recognised service providers, equipment manufacturers, government agencies, and large enterprises using Fiber Lab for a variety of testing and network applications, we are confident you will benefit in a similar manner.


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