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Fiber Lab Flex

The Fiber Lab Flex provides the most versatile optical fibre testing platform in the market, built exactly to the user’s specific requirements. Holding up to 10 lengths of optical fibre in individual modules, a wide array of testing configurations are possible with each chassis. Each module, which can be purchased separately and used in the chassis or on the desktop, is offered with up to 25km (standard module) or 60km (double-width module) of any fibre type or brand.

By offering each fibre in a removable module, users can easily combine lengths or re-configure the platform in the most suitable manner. Modules can be obtained as needs arise and/or change, allowing for a “build-as-you-go” solution, rather than having to always determine future needs in advance.

Whether you are simulating a field network with multiple fibre links, certifying equipment, require specific lengths for latency applications, or training field technicians, the Fiber Lab Flex will serve as a great asset in your facility.


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