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Flexlight Dual Emitter

Flexlight TM Dual Emitter (NSN:6260-01-575-9883) Is an extremely rugged compact, yet powerful lighting tool, water- proof to 45m (150 Feet).

Slightly shorter than a traditional Chemical light stick the Flexlight Dual Emitter provides two different colored ends that can be switched on and off when you need. You choose how to populate the two ends selecting not just the colors but also the mode of operation you require, choosing from traditional Constant On, Flashing or Multi-Mode. Multi- Mode offers both Constant on and Flashing modes from the same end unit, modes are changed by simply switching the unit off and on.

The Flexlight system runs off 6x LR44 batteries giving 48 hours operation in flashing mode and 7+ hours constant Illu- mination. This makes the Flexlight system far cheaper and more ecologically friendly to use than Chemical light sticksand also takes up far less vital space in the operator’s equip-ment.

Flexlight can be used in any traditional marking role that Chemical sticks were used for in the past, but having the ability to be switched off by the operator avoids the need to try and hide a chemical light stick that cannot be switched off in your equipment. There is also no waste to try to dispose off reducing bulk and the logistics burden.

Flexlight-sticks are offered in numerous colors including infrared. The color coded end cap (Constant On and Flashing) or color coded collar (Multi-Mode) allows the user to quickly identify the color.


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