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KEC KC 2300 Series EMC Circular Backshells

The KC 2300 series is part of the KC 2000 range of high performance, EMC backshells for standard circular connectors that consist of eight individual but interrelated products.

Suitable for both highly sophisticated and simpler solutions, the KC 2000 range is available at prices that are viable for small batch to high volume production runs. The range is ideal for all defence and aerospace as well as commercial and industrial applications.

Currently using Glenair or Polamco backshells?

We offer a complete Part Number Matching Service for the KEC backshells to Glenair and Polamco.


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  • Light weight and compact backshell suitable for all standard circular connectors

  • EMC to highest levels including TEMPEST

  • Overall screening is provided by proven IRIS spring technology

  • Individual screening with slotted tube and braid kit

  • Ideal solution for fibre and mixed fibre and copper cable assemblies providing EMC screening and protection for the fibre.

  • No special tools are required and the system is easily reworked

  • Teeth on backshell body mesh with connector teeth for positive lock.

  • Blind teeth for increased EMC screening capability

  • Metal compression ring for enhanced environmental sealing with the connector

  • Additional environmental sealing of cable system by heat shrink boot

  • Overall environmental seal is equal to or higher than the IP rating of the connector


KEC Limited is an EMC interconnect specialist that manufactures a wide selection of backshells, bulkhead/panel glands, conduit and conduit fittings.

KEC products are designed to suit all levels of screening requirements for EMI/RFI, EMP, TEMPEST and environmental protection and are designed to help manufacturers comply with UK and EC screening directives.