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KEC KCS2800 Universal Circular Connector Backshell

The KCS2800 series is the universal EMC backshell option for standard circular connectors. Available ex-stock in the most common sizes and platings this highly cost- effective backshell still provides the traditional KEC high levels of EMC protection with both overall and individual screening or both.

Ensuring the correct cable entry size leads to an infinite number of options for backshells and makes them very hard to obtain ex-stock. The KCS2800 incorporates the unique KEC slot and braid system. This enables each backshell to accommodate a wide range of different cable sizes (see Table 2 overleaf). The result is a short, compact, lightweight backshell providing cost-effective 360o EMC screening for a variety of defence, aerospace and rail applications together with many more general commercial and industrial uses. For environmental sealing or angled cable entry just add a heatshrink boot.

The KCS2800 will suit many applications and for more complex design requirements the KC2000 range consists of eight individual backshell products with a solution for every type of EMC and environmental application.

Currently using Glenair or Polamco backshells?

We offer a complete Part Number Matching Service for the KEC backshells to Glenair and Polamco.


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  • Accommodate a variety of cable sizes in one backshell

  • Economically priced

  • Ex-stock range of common sizes

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Suitable for all standard circular connectors

  • High levels of EMC performance

  • Provides overall and individual screening

  • Backshell body teeth mesh with connector teeth for positive lock.

  • Blind teeth for increased EMC screening capability

  • Quick assembly with no special tooling

  • Totally reworkable assembly

  • Heat shrink boot lip for additional environmental sealing options.


KEC Limited is an EMC interconnect specialist that manufactures a wide selection of backshells, bulkhead/panel glands, conduit and conduit fittings.

KEC products are designed to suit all levels of screening requirements for EMI/RFI, EMP , TEMPEST and environmental protection and are designed to help manufacturers comply with UK and EC screening directives.