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KEC KG5 Series Bulkhead Fitting Gland

The KG5 series is part of the KG range of high performance, bulkhead glands. A variety of techniques are used in the range to provide electromagnetic compatibility, including TEMPEST level performance for both individual and overall screening and environmental protection.

Suitable for both highly sophisticated and simpler solutions, the KG range is available at prices that are viable for small batch to high volume production runs. The range is ideal for all defence and aerospace as well as commercial and industrial applications.


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  • Excellent EMC performance including TEMPEST levels

  • Proven IRIS spring technology for overall screening

  • Individual screening with tube and braid kit

  • Stainless steel for top performance in all panel and bulkhead applications

  • Environmental sealing with integral o-ring seals


    KEC Limited is an EMC interconnect specialist that manufactures a wide selection of backshells, bulkhead/panel glands, conduit and conduit fittings and system harnesses.

    KEC products are designed to suit all levels of screening requirements for EMI/RFI, EMP, TEMPEST and environmental protection and are designed to help manufacturers comply with UK and EC screening directives.