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Mercury-9 Multi-Purpose Beacon

Wide Illumination coverage makes Mercury-9TM an ideal multi-purpose beacon for a soldier combat ID marking. It’s efficient electronic design results in a small, light, and bright product, powered by single AA battery, the most available world-wide. There are a total of 6 user selectable illumination modes. Fixed period flashing in Infrared, flashing in visible, and Infrared constant-on, all 3 at either full or low brightness. The Mercury-9TM is available in two LED colour combinations; Infrared and White, or Infrared and Green.

The two large side mounted three-position slide control switches work with clear click action providing for blind operation by feel. Despite its small size, all functions ergonomically designed for one handed operation even when gloved. The Mercury-9TM ON or OFF is controlled by one of the slide switches, in addition, battery cap can be also loosened as a safety to assure that the unit cannot be turned on inadvertently. Additionally the Mercury-9 includes a low power indicator alerting the user when it is time to replace the battery.

The Mercury-9TM includes an integrated locking clip for positive attachment to PALS webbing or belts. A Flex Mount is included for attaching the Mercury to helmets or flat surfaces with included Hook and Loop Velcro. Mercury-9TM high impact plastic housing and sealed electronics are engineered to withstand harsh environments as well as chemical exposure.


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