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Integrated Soldier Power and Data Management System (ISPDS) with USB.3.0 and 1G LAN Capabilities

The advancement of technologies in the modern warfare has allowed the design of increasingly versatile tools in order to perform effectively and coherently in the battlefield. The modern infantry soldier, fully equipped with advanced weapon and communication systems, has become a source of battlefield intelligence. Outfitted with a multitude of electronic devices, such as a navigation system, battery packs, headsets, warning sensors, video visor for weapons, night vision glasses and many more.

The weight and amount of these devices, as well as the multiple power requirements, increases the need for miniaturization and energy management in order to engage easily and effectively in the battlefield.


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MILTECH 410 Product Datasheet

The ITAR-free Techaya Product Range Catalogue


Techaya’s MILTECH410 is an integrated soldier power and data management system (ISPDS) with combining 1G LAN, USB3 and SMBUS communication for infantry soldiers. The MILTECH 410 has the ability to prioritize energy supply to the different devices. In addition, the unit can be hooked up to an external power source and charges the input batteries.

The MILTECH410 outfits soldiers in the digital battlefield with a lightweight, fully integrated infantry combat ISPDS systems. Techaya offers a range of light- weight adaptable systems that are ideally suited for frontline forces in the most complex modern battlefield scenarios. This new and unique concept aggregates and delivers intelligence information along with all required communication in a tiny, light weight package that can be carried in smart combat vest solutions.