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Model 2273AM1 / AM20 Piezoelectric accelerometer

Meggitt piezoelectric accelerometer models 2273AM1 and 2273AM20 are specially designed for use in nuclear-reactor-vibration and loose-parts-monitoring systems. The 2273AM1 and 2273AM20 are differentiated only by the location of their connectors, the AM1 being side mounted and the AM20 utilizing a top-mount configuration. The accelerometer is a self-generating device that requires no external power source for operation.

The 2273AM1/AM20 feature Meggitt’s crystal to provide flat temperature response over the range of -65°F to +750°F (-55°C to +399°C). The construction provides mechanical isolation of the seismic system from the mounting base, resulting in very low strain sensitivity. The case is made of Inconel and provides for hermeticity through welding and glass-to-metal fusion at the connector.

Signal conditioner models 133, 2771C, 2721B, 6634C or equivalent are recommended for use with these accelerometers.


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