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Model 2276 Piezoelectric Accelerometer

The Meggitt model 2276 is a precision piezoelectric accelerometer for shock and vibration measurement of structures subjected to very high temperatures. It is capable of operation in nuclear environments during the presence of Gamma and Neutron radiation. This accelerometer features a side mounted 10-32 receptacle and hex base construction with a 10-32 or M5 center stud mount. The accelerometer is a self-generating device that requires no external power source for operation.

The 2276 features Meggitt’s piezoelectric crystal elements in the compression mode. The unit is designed with mechanical isolation that provides extremely low strain sensitivity (base strain). The unit has special processing to assure accurate data over the temperature range of -65°F to +900°F. The unit is constructed using Inconel, and provides for hermeticity through welding and glass-to- metal fusion at the connector. Signal return is connected to case.

Signal conditioner model 2721B or equivalent is recommended for use with this accelerometer. The 2771C remote charge convertor is also compatible for applications using this high impedance accelerometer.


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