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Model 2280 Piezoelectric Accelerometer

The Meggitt model 2280 is a high temperature triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer for shock and vibration measurements at temperatures up to +900oF (+482oC). This accelerometer is 1.35 inch (35 mm) square and weighs less than 0.6 pounds (270 grams). It features three 10-32 side connectors and is mounted with two 8-32 bolts.

The model 2280 features Meggitt’s crystal in the compression mode. The design provides mechanical isolation of the sensing assembly from the mounting surface, minimizing base strain sensitivity. The unit is hermetically sealed and signal ground is isolated from the outer case of the unit. The unit is fully compliant to European Union’s Low Voltage directive, 2006/95 EC, EMC directive 2004/108/EC, and bears the CE mark.

Signal conditioner models 2721B, 2771C or equivalent are recommended for use with this accelerometer.


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