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Model 522M37A Piezoelectric dynamic pressure sensor

Meggitt model 522M37A is a high quality piezoelectric pressure sensor designed to measure small dynamic pressure fluctuations, even in the presence of high static pressure. The sensor can also operate at very high temperatures; up to +938°F continuously and up to +1040°F intermittently.

Model 522M37A features an all welded, Inconel and stainless steel construction with a metal- sheathed, mineral-insulated integral hardline cable. Output is via an integral three-pin (one pin not used) receptacle. The output signal is a balanced, differential signal. A differential input charge amplifier is appropriate for use with this sensor.

Common applications include: gas turbine combustion monitoring, high pressure steam and propulsion system testing.

Recommended compatible cables are the 6917M169-ZZZ, 6917M170-ZZZ and 6917M171-ZZZ or equivalent (ZZZ designates cable length in inches) which are low noise, twisted pair cable assemblies terminating to pigtail, BNC and PC06A-8-2P connector respectively.


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