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MPR10 / MPR20 Mechanical Power Relays

The mechanical power relays (MPR10 and MPR20) are a product group of electro-mechanical high current relays.

These relays were designed for the use in utility vehicles and can switch or carry up to 300 A continuous load at 12 and/or 24 V DC.

A high number of switching cycles at rated load, including capacitive and inductive loads, make these power relays especially suitable for the severe requirements in the utility vehicles.

The main terminals are stud terminals. Various mounting methods allow horizontal or vertical mounting of the relay, including side flange, foot mount and M4 connectors. This allows direct replacement conventional cylindrical relays, but also other flexible fittings.

E-T-A’s power relays can replace all conventional power relays in the market.


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Mechanical Power Relays MPR10 & MPR20 Datsheet

Power Relay MPR10/HPR10 for Vehicles Brochure