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Network and Link Simulation

In the test lab environment, optical fibre spools are necessary for engineers that need to simulate fibre link performance for developing, certifying, demonstrating, or deploying devices into the network. This is a critical step in the test plan for equipment manufacturers in order to certify that systems and optics will operate as intended in the field, or for service providers and data centers to evaluate gear they are considering acquiring prior to deployment.

If you ask yourself: ​“How can I acquire, manage, and use optical fibre in the most efficient manner while achieving consistent and accurate performance results?” ​The Fiber Lab portfolio of customised link and delay simulators will be the ideal solution for your needs.

The Fiber Lab portfolio from M2 Optics has an array of professional, space-efficient solutions that provide the best way for engineers to use and manage fibre spools for testing applications. Fully customised to every user’s specific requirements in terms of fibre type, lengths, routing configurations, and packaging, Fiber Labs are utilised by many of the World’s most recognised companies across multiple markets for the immediate value they deliver.

Whether thousands of kilometers of fibre in a rack-mount format are required for a large test lab or a few hundred meters in a small portable package are desired for benchtop use, Fiber Lab offers a solution that you can rely on. Explore the entire Fiber Lab portfolio and design/customise your own solution today.


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