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PAM Series Bayonet Connector

… the good connection for your tactical equipments!

The PAM serie is specially designed for the communication devices used on the field. These compact connectors are equipped with 07 and 10 contacts to allow the connection of accessories on Tactical or Radio equipments. The Spring contact technology of this line brings excellent contact resistance and an efficient contact self cleaning function.

PAM connectors are following the VG 96934 and VG 95351 norm and are enlisted in GAM T1.

PAM connectors are appreciated for their flexibility to fit customer specifications.
Our Design team is able to propose versions answering to your needs. Reinforcements can be applied in case of use in harder climatic, ergonomic and electromagnetic conditions.
Caps and backshells can also be improved to bring a better ergonomics on your configuration.


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PAM Series Bayonet Connector Brochure