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Paris™ 3 Long-range Compact Laser Flare

The Paris 3 is a long-range compact laser flare used for directional signalling at ranges up to 20 miles.  Unlike traditional lasers, the Paris 3 fan laser utilises laser light line technology to reshape the laser from a light spot to a light line.  At a range of five miles, the Paris 3 fan laser will project a line of light approximately 1,400 feet in length.  This makes the Paris 3 significantly more effective as a SAR signalling device than traditional beam lasers.

Weight (Green): 5.2 Ounces | 147 Grams with batteries and lanyard
Weight (IR & Red): 4.4 Ounces | 124 Grams with batteries and lanyard
Size (Green): 5.8″ x 1″ | 139mm x 25 mm
Size (IR & Red): 4.4″ x 1″ | 111mm x 25 mm
Switching: Rotate Bezel
Light Generation: Solid-State Laser Diode Constant Brightness
Wave-Length: 532nm Green (902830), 650nm Red (902831), 880nm IR (903832)
Beam Coverage: 3 degree fan
Laser Safety Classification: CLASS IIIa Laser Product (CDRH), CLASS 3R Laser Product (IEC)
Battery: Two CR123A Lithium Batteries

Colours: Red/Green


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