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Pegasus 7.1AA Flex Mount

The Pegasus 7.1.AA Flex mount has been produced specifically to secure the Pegasus 7.1.AA to the users Equipment. Its Specially designed body will conform perfectly to all the curved surfaces of ballistic helmets affording maximum security. The Pegasus 7.1.AA is locked into the Pegasus 7.1.AA Flex Mount using the units battery cap and is affixed to the users equipment with Velcro, The Male half of the Velcro is fixed to the mount allowing quick mounting and dismounting from the female Velcro normally found on existing equip- ment. The Female Velcro footprint is provided as a self adhesive component for use where there is no Velcro platform


The Pegasus 7.1.AA Flex Mount is coloured to match both the Multicam and MTP colour palette allowing the mount to blend with the users equipment and is manufactured with a matt finish to eliminate shine.

The Pegasus 7.1.AA Flex Mount is easily removed to allow the Pegasus 7.1.AA to be coded and synchronised with other units yet provides a secure platform for use.

The Pegasus 7.1.AA Flex Mount also allows the Pegasus 7.1.AA to fitted to Vehicles, Boats and other structures.


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