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R27 Series MIL-DTL-83527

The Amphenol R27 Series is a robust rectangular connector designed to meet or surpass all the requirements of the MIL-DTL-83527 specification and EN 3682 European Standard. This series is particularly well suited for military and commercial aircraft applications where harsh environmental issues are a concern. Connectors, shells, inserts, termination modules, and contacts are sold separately or fully assembled.

These connectors are intermateable and interchangeable with filtered and nonfiltered MIL-DTL-83527 connectors. A wide range of contact arrangements is available using contact types from Fibre Optic, Quadrax, Differential Twinax, Triax, Twinax and Coax to the standard size 12, 16, 20 and 22 contacts, in crimp and PCB. These connectors are offered in both filtered and non-filtered designs. Filtered designs incorporate Amphenol’s solderless construction which reduces stress on the ceramic elements resulting in superior thermal and physical shock performance and unparalleled long-term reliability. Custom designs and features such as termination modules, backshells, unique insert patterns and integral shells are also available.


  • Enhanced environmental sealing

  • More robust and durable shells

  • EMI Shielding springs

  • Interchangeable insert patterns with ARINC 600 models

  • Available in both filtered and non-filtered


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Dielectric withstanding voltage (DWV):1500 Vrms, Size 22 1300 Vms

Contact continuous current ratings:
Size 22, Rating 5.0A
Size 20, Rating 7.5A
Size 16, Rating 10.0A
Size 12, Rating 23.0A

Contact Resistance:
Size 22 – Wire Gauge 22: 17 milliohms, Wire Gauge 24: 23 milliohms, Wire Gauge 26: 38 milliohms
Size 20 – Wire Gauge 20: 11 milliohms, Wire Gauge 22: 17 milliohms, Wire Gauge 24: 23 milliohms
Size 16 Wire Gauge 16: 6 milliohms, Wire Gauge 18: 8 milliohms, Wire Gauge 20: 10 milliohms
Size 12 Wire Gauge 12: 3.35 milliohms, Wire Gauge 14: 4.24 milliohms

Insulation Resistance5.0 gigaohms min. at 500 VDC

Engagement/Separation Force:
Shell Size 2, 325 lbf (1446N) max.
Shell Size 3, 400 lbf (1780N) max.
Shell Size 4, 475 lbf (2113N) max.

Durability500 cycles min. – mating & unmating

Temperature Range-65°C (-86°F) to + 150°C (+275°F)