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The SplitLight is a patented solution that offers the highest density of optical network TAPs, CWDM/DWDM components, and PON splitters in a 1RU chassis.  

Using this unique platform the leading carriers, data centers, large enterprises, and government agencies can monitor, manage, and connect more fibres and wavelengths than ever before while reducing rack space requirements.

Network Monitoring:

  • Up to 192 optical taps (96 full duplex) in 1RU

  • 1×2 or 1×3 split with any power ratio

  • Single mode and multimode fibres


  • Cost-effective wavelength add/drop functionality

  • Maximises value of physical infrastructure

  • CWDM/DWDM filtering for PON, Mobile Backhaul, and Monitoring


  • Increases capacity of PON splitters (1×32, 1×64, etc) using less space

  • Offers splitting and wavelength filtering capabilities in a single chassis

  • Non-instrusive access for monitoring tools


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In addition to the patent-pending 1RU SplitLight chassis, M2 Optics offers optical splitters, network taps, and WDMs in an LGX-style platform.  Our ultra-high density modules provide a significant advantage over alternative solutions, allowing users to significantly reduce rack space requirements in the network environment.

  • Each LGX-style module offers up to 12 each 1×2, 1×3, or 2×2 splitters

  • Up to 144 splitters in standard 3RU chassis (via 12 modules)

  • Premium splitters with MTP Elite connectors

  • Available with WDM and AWG for wavelength-specific applications

  • Ideal for PON, Data Center, Telco, and CATV networks

  • Saves significant rack space