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Stingray 9

Stingray is a low profile, compact, and sealed connector that sits flat against the body to prevent snagging and damage. It’s self-aligning due to its strong magnetic connection and allows customization and flexibility of cable routing. Stingray is an excellent solution for audio, power or data signals – and is ideal for First Responders, Security, and Military personnel.


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Magnetic mating mechanism
Aids blind-mate performance and prevents inadvertent damage if the user forgets to unmate

Non-keyed rotatable mating
Does not require pre-alignment when mating. Cable exit angle is infinitely variable and can be set and adjusted by the user

Wipe clean interface featuring spring-loaded pogo contacts
Easy cleaning and decontamination

5000+ mating cycles
Increased connector life before replacement

Compatible with USB 2.0, Ethernet and Audio signal requirements
Allows interconnection of various equipment including computers, radios and headsets

Last mate contact
Allows hot-swapping of equipment and signals (i.e. interface is passive until the connector is fully mated)

IP68 sealed (mated and unmated)
High degree of sealing prevents ingress of dust and moisture

90° Cable exit within the height of the connector
Cable runs parallel to the body eliminating loops and preventing snagging


Amphenol Ltd offers a full design and manufacturing service for a large range of military and industrial connectors and interconnect solutions, including cable assembly, over-moulding and electronic packaging. In the age of globalisation, Amphenol Ltd is proud to have retained full end-to-end manufacturing capability for its products in the UK, whilst having opened access to low cost manufacturing sites around the world to complement its offering to customers globally.

Accredited to AS9100, an innovative and leading edge manufacturer of both connectors and interconnect systems for applications within the Military, Aerospace and Industrial markets, Amphenol Ltd is dedicated to providing customers with the latest technology to meet the needs of interconnection in a variety of challenging applications.

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